Accelerator is a program of accelerated project growth in a limited timeframe.

As part of the accelerator project, we offer project teams a set of measures aimed at rapid development and initial testing of the project's business model, project product elaboration and preparation to bring it to the market. The accelerator program consists of several basic units: an intensive session, a low season and a demo day.

The intensive session is total immersion of project teams in an intensive dialogue with the experts of the program, lectures, workshops and expert consulting sessions for several days.

The low season is a period of independent work of project teams in order to achieve intermediate goals with the help of mentors - temporary consultants with experience in business and project activities, and assigned to each team for the period of acceleration.

The demo day is a pitch-session of project teams, showing their progress in the accelerator and allowing getting feedback from experts and establishing contacts with potential investors.

This comprehensive program enables project teams to quickly go from the first product prototypes to contacts with customers, first orders and investments.

Arkhangelsk regional accelerator is developing under the brand name “Impulse-A”. Accelerator tracks for innovative projects in various spheres, as well as tracks for projects in a particular industries, such as “Impulse-A” accelerator for cultural and tourism projects, are a part of “Impulse-A” accelerator.

Common project selection criteria for participation in the program:

• projects aimed at the development and introduction of innovative technologies

• a scalable business model

• a large market potential, a fast-growing market

• fast-growing cash flows in the project

• clear competitive advantages of the product

Directions of projects:

• innovative manufacturing technologies in industry

• IT technologies in health care, social sphere, financial sector

• creative industries, urban space development

• neuro-technologies in health care and engineering

• new agro-technology, biotechnology in agriculture

• new power technologies and energy saving

• personalized medicine technology, innovative development of new medical products, bio prostheses, personal pharmaceuticals