Holding strategic and training events



Conducting strategic sessions at the request of the customer

Determining the customer's problem areas and setting goals to find solutions. Formation of the customer's team and external counterparties to participate in solving problem areas. Developing the program of the strategic session, taking into account the stated goal. Conducting a session in the format of work in groups of 6-8 hours with the definition of problems, setting goals and objectives, shaping the image of the future, the team of performers, the roadmap for implementing the image. Moderation of the session and the solution of organizational issues. Documenting the results of the strategy in Word format.


from 30,000 rubles (depending on the status of the customer and the number of required participants)



Participation in training events (master classes, expert sessions, accelerators)

Getting new knowledge and skills in building a business, preparing applications for financing, obtaining expert opinions on projects and access to potential counterparties, partners and investors of the project.


is determined depending on the status and specificity of the event

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