Director's welcome

Dear entrepreneurs, investors and residents of the Arkhangelsk region!

  VbN_59YetXA11.jpgI am glad to welcome you from the team of the Arkhangelsk Regional Development Corporation. We sincerely hope that this resource will become a qualitative and useful source of information about our region, its investment attractiveness, the projects that we accompany, the events held, the existing measures to support the business.

We want to turn into life the most daring ideas  together with you. To do this, we are ready to advise, analyze your projects, promote them, create project teams and look for funding sources. This does not mean that we will implement them without you and for you. The active participation of the one who is the project idea's authoralways determines its future success.

The mission of the Corporation is to actively participate in the development of the region, to be useful to residents, business and government. We are not afraid of difficulties, on the contrary, they charge us and inspire confidence that if something is strongly wanted, then everything can succeed. We know that the Arkhangelsk region is valuable first of all for its people, strong and free in their thoughts. Let us work together to create a qualitatively new environment for doing business and living in the region. We are always open to dialogue and cooperation.

  Alexey Kovalev,

Director General of JSC Arkhangelsk Regional Development Corporation