About the Corporation

Joint-stock Company Arkhangelsk Regional Development Corporation has been established by the Arkhangelsk Regional Government with a 100% state capital and an objective to facilitate the implementation of citizens’ initiatives aimed at increasing business and investment performance as well as social and economic development of the region. The Corporation is also an ad-hoc organization to attract investments to the Arkhangelsk region and provide complete integrated support to investors.

The mission:

Actively participating in the regional development to be useful to the citisens, business and the government.

The main task of the Corporation:

Creating the most favorable conditions for starting and running a business, the investment development of the region, the formation of a professional and dedicated team able to implement various projects and initiatives.

The main activities:

-          support of investment projects on the "one window" principle;

-          provision of educational services, as well as consulting, information, and financial support;

-          infrastructure and financial support in the implementation of investment projects;

-          creation of industrial and technological parks in the Arkhangelsk region;

-          implementation of cluster development projects in the Arkhangelsk region.